A new report published by the Creative Industries Federation warns of danger to brand Britain following Brexit. Nearly 80% of the UK’s Creative Industries are not confident that Britain will maintain its leading global reputation post-Brexit. As negotiations continue, the Creative Industries are being sidelined with government focusing on financial services and ‘traditional’ trades such as the automotive sector. The news is that the UK’s creative industries employ 700,000 more people than the financial services, and is worth £8bn more than the automotive sector. 21% of the UK’s Creative Industries say a ‘no deal’ outcome would make them consider moving part or all of their business abroad and 40% said a ‘No deal’ outcome would harm their business’ ability to export.

The new Global Trade report by the Creative Industries Federation surveys 131 of the UK’s leading creative businesses.

John Kampfner, Chief Executive, Creative Industries Federation: “Our trade report shows just how crucial the creative industries are to the British economy and also highlights the very real anxiety within the sector about a ‘no deal’ Brexit outcome. We urge the government to look at our recommendations and ensure the creative industries are a top priority on its negotiating agenda.”

Recommendations include:

  • the UK government must maintain Britain’s reputation as an open and welcoming cultural hub.
  • the UK government must ensure the creative industries are at the heart of negotiations.
  • the government ensures that the UK’s creative businesses can trade as they do now during the implementation period.
  • the creative industries must continue to play an active role in evolving EU legislation.

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